Understanding the online cricket betting rules

Can we start online cricket betting without being an expert?

Why to bet on cricket instead of other sports? The answer cannot be simple, but something is sure: cricket makes people get excited. In fact, I’m not talking about two, three, four or seven people, I’m talking about millions of fans around the world!


I know, we are not talking about soccer, but cricket is the second most televised sport around the world, especially in the Commonwealth countries. According to many experts, cricket is considered a complex and strategic sport.


On the other hand, when talking about online cricket betting, it sounds easier and straightforward. After learning the basics on how to bet on cricket, bettors will be able to find valuable online cricket betting opportunities on different match formats. Let’s find out how to make online cricket more profitable!


However, there are some bettors who prefer more “action-packed” alternatives instead of betting on cricket, but the modernization of match formats and the amount of data available has led to an upturn in interest in cricket betting. Is Rummy illegal in India? Discover it now!


Online cricket betting: how does the sport work?


First, it is important to know that you do not require to be a cricket fan to become a good cricket bettor, but you must understand the basic knowledge about the sport in case you want to make online cricket betting a profitable activity. Interesting facts about Cricket Betting


Cricket consists in two teams of 11 players competing in a match. The pitch of the game is circular and can vary in size but the center point, a strip about 20 meters long called a pitch, is where most of the action takes place. The two teams’ bat and bowl in turn: one bowler and ten defenders for the bowling team and two batsmen at a time (one at each end of the pitch) for the batting team.




The batting team's objective is to score as many runs as possible in the allotted overs (six pitches for one pitcher) or before the umpire signals an out to all batters. A batsman plays at both ends of the wicket, with the side at bat alternating at the end of each "over."


Runs are scored by running to each end of the wicket after hitting the ball or hitting the "boundary" (a rope surrounding the boundary of the track). Therefore, if the ball hits the rope after touching the ground four runs are scored, if it does not touch the ground six runs are scored.




The objective of the pitching team is to limit the number of runs scored by the batting team, as well as to eliminate all its players through one of the methods we will mention later. According to, there are the main scoring methods:

  1. ✔️ Bowled: The pitcher hits the wickets (three individual wickets) that the batter must protect.

  2. ✔️ Caught: The batter hits the ball, and a defender catches it without it touching the ground.

  3. ✔️ LBW*: The ball hits a batsman's leg after being thrown by the pitcher (the trajectory of the ball must be in line with the wickets).

  4. ✔️ Run out: The ball hits the wickets (from a direct pitch or with the ball in hand) before one of the batters completes a run attempt.

  5. ✔️ Stumped: The batsman leaves his crease to hit the ball and the defender behind hits the wickets with the ball.

In cricket, techniques and styles of bowling can vary greatly; the most common types of bowling are explained below:

  1. ✔️ Fast-paced: Right or left arm, usually with a speed more than 135 km/h.

  2. ✔️ Medium-paced: Right or left arm, usually with a speed between 96 and 135 km/h (60 and 135 mph).

  3. ✔️ Off-spinner: Finger-spinning right arm, turning the pitch toward a right-handed batter and away from a left-handed batter.

  4. ✔️ Leg-spinner: Wrist turn of the right arm, spinning the ball away from the right-handed batter and toward a left-handed batter.

  5. ✔️ Slow Orthodox: Left-arm finger spinner.

  6. ✔️ Slow Chinaman: Spin with the wrist of the left arm.


How to bet on cricket: knowing the different existing formats


The rules of cricket are the same for the different match formats. In online cricket betting, what matters are the differences in terms of the application of these rules. Each format gives the batting team a different number of innings (number of chances at bat) and overs (the number of pitches they face). Here is a brief explanation of it:

  1. ✔️ First-class cricket: Each team has two innings, and the result is decided in five days (at international level) or four days (at national or club level).

  2. ✔️ Limited overs cricket: Played in one day and consists of 40 or 50 overs for each team.

  3. ✔️ Twenty20 cricket: Modern form of limited overs cricket in which both teams have only 20 overs each at bat.


These differences mean that different teams or players are more suited to certain formats. For example, a batsman who is a "big hitter" would be more suited to twenty20 cricket (by scoring more runs in a short period), while a more disciplined batsman would be more suited to first-class cricket as it would be difficult to knock him out of the match.


What will improve your cricket betting?


It is always important to consider some cricket teams will have a better offense, but others will have a better defense. Otherwise, some will be stronger in the batting department, and others will be better at bowling.Analyzing each team's squad will help bettors determine whether the team will try to score more runs than the opposition or whether their goal will be to bowl out the opposition faster by focusing on the bowling.


One of the most important aspects to consider when learning how to bet on cricket is how external factors can influence the outcome of a cricket match. These external factors range from the weather to the time of day or the state of the pitch. How to bet on the Indian Premier League IPL Betting - Fun88


Just as in soccer betting, some teams benefit more than others when it comes to home advantage, this is partly due to the importance of the pitch and how teams will try to hold the ground in a way that favors their strengths. When is Cricket World Cup going on?


Cricket teams will use several bowlers and different types of pitches will be more effective on different types of wickets. Some wickets will be wetter than others; they may be hard or soft surfaces and may vary in the amount of grass.


You can't play cricket if it rains so weather has a greater impact on this sport compared to many others and that also affects in the organizers decision when talking about major cricket events. In fact, sunshine will cause the wicket to dry out more, while in countries with more rain there will be wetter and greener wickets.

online cricket betting


How to bet on cricket: things to remember


When it comes to the basics of online cricket betting, bettors must first learn the rules of the game. Secondly, bettors need to understand the differences between the various match formats and how different teams and players will be best suited for each format. The 13 best soccer players for this World Cup 2022


Finally, analyzing the state of the pitch and weather conditions will provide more information about the possible outcome of a match. As mentioned before, when you consider climate factors, you can make better predictions before online cricket betting. Remember that betting is also about predict right outcomes.


Types of cricket bets


The rules of cricket are not simple to understand. However, when you understand the rules, you can start betting and succeed. Handicap bets are common in cricket and there are two types of this bet, conforming to the rules of the game:


“The handicap on the total number of runs implies that the bettor can add or subtract several the points scored by the team in the game. There is also a handicap on the number of windows knocked down. This type of bet is not found in all bookmakers; however, it is possible to "catch" it”, experts say.


Outcome bets


This is the most common type of bet when you bet on the possible victory of the first team, the second or a draw. However, it is important to play attention to the format of the game before online cricket betting. For example, in a level one cricket match, as well as in Test matches, there may be a draw. A draw is exceptionally rare, but its probability in cricket is higher than in field hockey itself:


“At the same time, in a one-day or T20, the result has only two outcomes: the victory of the first or second team, without a draw. Therefore, betting on a draw in cricket is not the best strategy. According to statistics, it happens quite infrequently, but in two formats it cannot happen in principle”, some sources mention.


Total bets


It refers to a bet based on the number of runs per match. Many bookmakers can offer a wide range of game totals. For example, the individual total is the total number of points scored by one of the teams. Totals over a determinate period, after several overs or before the destruction of the first wicket, are also very popular among bettors.


Experts recommend you paying attention to the format of the competition as each of them has its own nuances and rules, even the score may differ. Furthermore, you must analyze your opponents, follow the statistics of past winnings of the teams.


Side bets


Side bets often are made on major tournaments and there are bets on high or low totals and handicaps. In addition, you, you can guess whether it will be even or odd according to the score forecast. However, this type of betting is so complex, being difficult to calculate it in a logical way. Everything depends on the case, so the bettor must rely on his intuition:


“In addition, sometimes the bookmaker receives an offer of a bet on indicators. match statistics... During a cricket match, various side events occur in addition to the number of injuries and other things. For example, the lines of the main competitions have quotes for the best result of the partnership. This is a bet on the best partnership per match. It refers to two sportsmen who have achieved better results together”, experts mention.


To predict the best partners, you must study the lineups in a careful way. Also, you should know how experienced each player is. Another common wager is on the first innings. The best is always offered on the test line. Even though, the result of the first innings will be known only after a few days in the game. Moreover, the bettor can make long-term rates as he can predict the winner of a championship or tournament in advance.


Special bets


Cricket is a special type of sport, so the lines of bookies are not limited to standard types of betting. There are always possible non-standard outcomes that can be predicted. For example, you can bet on who is the best hitter or pitcher. To do this, follow player statistics to understand who is most likely to come out on top in the standings:


“Tie betting is also no less popular. Traditionally, the game starts with a tie to determine which team will strike first. You can predict the outcome. In principle, this is easy to do, as there are only two teams in the match.


As a rule, this type of bet is offered especially often in major tournaments. As in e-sports, in cricket you can predict the MVP of the game, i.e., the best player of the match. As a rule, it is the player of the winning team”, some sources mention.


Having these tips and recommendations, I’m sure you can start online cricket betting for the best. So, begin enjoying the best of online cricket betting, but remember to be responsible when betting. Have fun!


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