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How did video poker become popular?


There is an infinity of games or ways to play poker fun88 but remember that all of those games of chance have been adapted to the new times and technological changes by offering new versions and alternatives. One of them is video poker.

Although the concept of video poker is quite recent, with approximately 100 years of history, the machines that exist today are nothing more than the evolution of those that were created at the beginning.

As we know, the concept of video poker was born even before that of slot machines in 1891. Then, a company created a five-reel machine that displayed the different poker card symbols in the New York neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Then, the Skill Draw was created, a machine designed by Charles Fey. The striking thing about this machine was that the machine offered the player the cards with which to play the hand. Many people claim it was the first one of its kind in many regions, although its creation was clearly influenced by the first prototype of 1891.

The first electronic video poker machine

In 1970, Dale Electronic created the first video poker machine for use in casinos and gambling halls named PokerMatic. When microprocessors started, hence their application in several industries, including gambling. The prototype mixed poker cards and slot machine functions.

The way of playing was very simple, however, it did not manage to conquer the public of the time since people did not trust a machine in which they could not see the movement of the reels, causing the company to sell a very low amount of them in comparison with other games offered during the 1970s.

Years later, William Reed introduced his invention: a machine that allowed to play video poker in 1979. These were distributed throughout the United States being named Draw Poker.

Even tough, we must remember that the real innovation of the time was the incorporation of jokers to them. Currently, the releasing of models such as the Deuces Wild and the Joker Poker, two of the most recognized in the world of video poker, was a remarkable fact about video poker history.

The legislation about Cricket Betting made them expand throughout the network, offering video poker among their games in the 1990s. Due to the format used by these machines, it was very easy to adapt them to the new casinos.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of this type of machines, so that each user can select the one that best suits his or her needs.

How to play video poker?

You can often find it in land-based casinos. This machine working is similar to the game we would play with cards, since it uses a type of random number generator (known as RNG or Random Number Generator) that offers us a combination of random cards for us to select those with which we want to play our game.

Before starting the game, we must place our bet. Once picked, we will receive five cards. Among these we will decide which ones we want to keep and which ones we want to discard as it happened in the draw poker or covered poker. Once we have discarded them, the machine will provide us with the number of cards we have discarded to add up again to a total of five.

Then, we have our cards assigned to the machine that will calculate the value of our hand. As in other poker variants, the aim of video poker is to get the best cards and with them the best hand that will make us get an amount of money or another.

As for the percentage of return and achievement of great plays, we can say that these machines have a return similar to that offered by slot machines, in which playing in some of them can be risky due to the volatility but can be exciting.

We must consider that we can differentiate between two types of machines, based on their bets, which will be divided into maximum payout or 9/6 and lower payout. The difference between both payouts is the amount of money that they give out in prizes, being higher in the Maximum payout machines.

To differentiate one from the other we must look at the prize table, where we will also find the values and accumulated jackpots.

Video poker types

Nowadays there are a great number of different video poker machines among which we find the traditional Deuces Wild and Joker Poker, as well as other games such as Jacks and Better (one of the most popular) or 10s or Better. Let's see what they are about.

This game is played with the British deck, which contains 52 cards. Once the bet is placed, the machine will assign us 5 cards and we will decide which ones we want to keep. What is striking about this game? It not only plays with 52 cards, but also introduces a new concept, the deuce (translated as deuces).

But what is a deuce? For those who have never played this game, the deuce is a kind of joker that can get the value of any card. This game has 4 of them (the 4 deuces), which means that we can get a hand in which we have all of them. On the other hand, we can say that the return percentage of this game is very high, exceeding 100%. Nowadays it is very difficult to find machines of this type in physical casinos.

This game and Deuces Wild are considered traditional games, since both were among the first video poker games played in casinos and gambling halls. With a similar design to that of slot machines, it is played with 53 cards (the 52 cards of the English deck and 1 joker).

The joker replaces all cards except for the deuces. While the four deuces are used to complete the hand as a joker replacing any of the cards we have got. Players place those stakes before the game, using this as a base bet. In the case that we continue playing, the bet will be predetermined by the first bet we made, although we can raise or lower it at any time.

The return of Joker Poker is a little lower than the one offered by the previous game, being at 95% (approximately). It is the same as the games we have seen before, with one exception, players can win with a pair of 10. The rest of the prizes are lower than in others of the same type for the machine to be compensated, being easier to win with low hands.

This is a game that is usually played by those who are starting in this world because the losses are, in a way, minimized. In addition to play the game by choosing our bet, some of these models of machines will allow us to play what is known as Progressive Jackpot Video Poker.

This is not a different modality of this type of poker but an extra functionality. As its name says, they give us the option to get a jackpot that has been accumulating game after game for those who have failed to make jackpot. The amount of these jackpots is usually very high, sometimes with 4 or 5 figures.

The difficulty of getting the winning combination makes the figure increase until reaching the large amounts we have mentioned.

Making your video poker strategy

Every poker version has its own strategy according to the rules of the game. Although these cannot guarantee us a sure victory, they can bring us closer to it: First, check out which hands can get a bonus. Moreover, consider the return allowances and achievement of plays to have a clearer idea about the prizes we can obtain.

Before checking these, we will have to be very clear about the different hands, as these will help us to discard in the right way. Sometimes we tend to play the one we have in front of us or that catches our attention, but maybe this machine is not the most suitable for us.

Before choosing it, check the rest of them to understand the differences. When betting, it is advisable to establish a series of guidelines to select the best option in each round. A high bet always pays better than a low one. However, in case of loss it will be 5 times higher, so we must establish our own rules.

A good option is to specialize in one type of machines: seems obvious that we should stay with those cards that can offer us the best result based on the function of this game and the different values that we can get as in Texas Hold'em. Though, in many occasions we will not make the discards that we should.

We must get used to anticipate moves and, unlike in poker, to bet on. For example: if you first get a pair and other cards, try to keep the pair, since you will probably get a bonus with it.

So, we mean to have knowledge about the amount we want to spend and the time we want to invest. For long games, we will advise to reduce the bets so that we can play longer and maybe get better results.

Video poker online

Playing video poker online is always a good alternative to save money, effort and time and sharpen your abilities at the same time. If you want to do it, you can start playing at FUN88.

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