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What is a roulette casino game?

The table on which the game is played is already a special object. A roulette table has a field with all the areas on which you can place a bet. The Fun88 roulette wheel itself is a spinning disk with all the squares containing numbers.

After placing a bet, the wheel is spun and the croupier throws a ball on the wheel. Now, we have to wait until the wheel and the ball come to a stop. Are you curious about this game? Keep reading and find out how to play roulette at a casino.

How to play roulette in a casino?

  2. 1. Take a seat at the table and bet: Once you have found the roulette casino game you like, you can sit down at the table. After that, it is possible to place a bet at the table. You do this on the playing field where you have several options to bet on. You can bet on 1 or more numbers, on the red or black one. Also, you may bet on combinations of different series with numbers. You can keep playing until the dealer tells you that you can no longer do it!
  4. 2. The game starts and the wheel begins to spin: When the dealer indicates that no more bets can be placed, the roulette wheel will spin. The ball starts rolling and ends up on a number as soon as the wheel stops. You will immediately see the result. The croupier will tell you whether you have won or not.
  6. 3. Winnings: If you have won, the croupier will pass the winnings to you. The amount of the winnings depends on the amount you have bet and the way you have bet, you can read more about this below. Now you can repeat the steps from the beginning to continue playing.

Rules of this casino game

It is important to know the rules of the game before joining a roulette casino game. It is also always important to keep an eye on the dealer and follow his instructions. For example, betting is only possible when he or she indicates this. When he or she indicates that this is no longer possible, the game begins.

What you want to bet on depends on your preferences. You can read the betting options below. There are not many rules for betting. You can bet on any number, color and different types of combinations. Always make sure about the limit for placing bets.

Bets and payouts

Thus, bets can be placed in many ways in roulette. This can be done, for example, by betting on a number, several numbers, a color or combinations of numbers. If you win, the payout is different for each combination. Below is an overview of the betting options, the name of the method, the number of numbers you can bet on and the payout.

The payout is always a certain number of times the bet, plus the original bet.

Roulette tips

  2. Set betting limits for yourself: Play with a budget that you have set for yourself before playing. When this limit is reached, stop playing as well. This way, you make sure you don't play with money you can't really afford to lose.
  4. New round, new opportunities: Always remember that each spin gives you another chance to win. But remember also that roulette is a game of chance and you do not influence the outcome. So, remembering numbers is meaningless.
  6. It is not the case that if the ball has landed eight times on red, it will land on black anyway. Therefore, there are no winning roulette strategies when playing casino games.
  8. Increase your chances: Our casino motto is: "Spread your chances of winning". This is advice you can certainly take to heart with roulette. The fact is that you have a better chance of winning if you spread your bet over several squares.
  10. Are you betting your entire bet on a single number? Then you only have a 1% chance of winning! If you split your bet into smaller amounts and spread out over several numbers, you are more likely to win.
  12. What you want to bet on depends on your preferences. You can read the betting options below. There are not many rules for betting. You can bet on any number, color and different types of combinations. What you should pay attention to in that regard is a possible limit for placing a bet. If other rules apply, you can ask the dealer for an explanation.
  14. Know when to stop: A good tip is to agree on a certain profit goal beforehand. They also call this the 'Hit and Run' strategy. You can think of it as 'pack it up and go!' This means that you will stop playing when you have reached this pre-agreed goal.
  16. So, choose a goal that is achievable. And be honest with yourself and don't deviate from the agreement you have made with yourself. This way you avoid losing all your winnings again.
  18. Play at a reliable and reputable place: Choose wisely where to bet. Playing at a reliable casino is the best decision you can make.
  20. The game should be fun: Always remember that gambling is a game designed to entertain you. Do you find that you no longer enjoy playing, but what irritates you most is losing? Then stop playing. You can win or lose a game, but it should always be fun to play.

Strategies for playing roulette

Roulette can be played according to different tactics or strategies. It is a casino game of chance, so you can never say for sure whether you can win with a particular strategy or not. Many strategies have been devised to play this live casino game.

You can use that as a method to play if you want to. Below we briefly explain some strategies.

  2. Martingale: A strategy in which you bet on the color red or black. You choose a color and keep betting on it. If you lose, you double your bet and if you win you can cover your losses.
  4. Fibonacci: With this system you bet according to the Fibonacci sequence with numbers. This sequence is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233 and so on. You start with 1 x the bet. If you lose, you continue in the sequence and again make 1 x the bet. Then 2 x the bet and so on. When you win, you go back two numbers in the sequence. In this way, you can limit your losses, even if it takes some practice.
  6. D'Alembert: With the D'Alembert system you bet on red or black, low or high or even or odd. The bet you place is the basis of this system. If you lose, you place the bet plus an additional amount. He continues to do this in case of loss. When you win, you deduct the amount you use from the bet. In practice, this can mean, for example, that you start with a bet of £5, which you increase by £1 if you lose and decrease by £1 if you win.

Play roulette for free

The game of roulette, in all its variants, is not only offered in land-based places. It is also possible to play online. You can even do it for free if you want to. Cricket Betting allow you to familiarize yourself with the games they offer without having to pay for it.

Depending on the provider you play with, it may be necessary to create an account in some cases. If you want to play roulette for free, you use virtual money to bet. A disadvantage of this is that you cannot win real prizes. If you want to, you should start playing with real money.

Play roulette online in a casino

If you want to have a unique experience playing roulette, you can also visit a live casino. In a live casino, it is possible to sit at a roulette table in a real casino from behind your laptop, smartphone or tablet. You see a roulette table with a dealer behind it through a video connection.

Live roulette is recorded with multiple cameras in, for example, a studio or a real casino. The dealer talks the game with each other, and you can ask questions with a chat. This way, it will seem like you are present in the casino, without having to leave your home.

Where do you play roulette?

So, you can play roulette online, but, of course, you can also play roulette in traditional casinos. There, the traditional variants of the game, such as American roulette and European roulette, are often offered.

Sometimes, other variants are also offered, for example, in slot machines. In that case, you play against a computer on which a roulette game is displayed. The range of online variants is considerably larger.

In Cricket Betting, you can always play multiple variants of the game. Moreover, there are also variants to play such as Multiwheel roulette, Lightning roulette, Double ball roulette, Immersive roulette and much more.

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